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13 Apr 2018

Stena Drilling Ltd. receives first DNV GL MPD class notation

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"DNV GL has revised its classification rules for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) systems and introduced two new class notations DRILL(MPD) and DRILL(MPD READY). Stena Drilling Ltd. (SDL) is the first drilling contractor to receive the notation Drill(MPD) for their harsh environment drillship Stena Carron. Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is an adaptive drilling process that allows greater control of the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. This can help operators drill new wells safely and more efficiently and in some cases to drill previously undrillable wells. Since 2013, DNV GL’s offshore standard DNVGL-OS-E101 Drilling Plant has covered the design and commissioning requirements for MPD systems. “Stena Drilling Ltd. is continuously seeking opportunities for end customers and operators and by obtaining the DRILL(MPD) notation for our vessels we believe we can demonstrate to operators that there is a robust, efficient, fully integrated and safe system in place and ready to carry out Deepwater MPD operations,” says Alex Bruce, Stena Drilling Ltd. MPD project manager. “The certification process assessed all the components roles within the system in an operational environment as well as the effect on existing systems on board, ensuring that the isolation, redundancy and safety systems met the standards of the new notation. We are very proud to have been the first offshore drilling contractor to gain this notation and it is a clear sign of our commitment to conform to the highest available quality standards.” The Stena Drilling Ltd. drillship Stena Carron was the first vessel to receive the DRILL(MPD) from DNV GL and has already successfully drilled two ultradeep wells with its DNV GL certified MPD system. MPD certification to the MPD READY notation is also planned for two more SDL drillships, Stena IceMax and Stena DrillMax. “Over the last few years we have seen significant advances in the drilling sector,” says Ernst Meyer, Senior Vice President, Director of Offshore Classification at DNV GL – Maritime. “With MPD for example, it is possible to drill through more narrow pressure margin formations and to drill more efficiently than with traditional methods. The new revision to our drilling facilities standard introduces a barrier-management approach which facilitates the certification of the most advanced drilling technologies of today and the future. Additionally, we have integrated software simulator testing into regular system certification, which improves our ability to efficiently evaluate the total performance of the control system.”"

31 Mar 2018

Improved Propeller Inspection and Metrology Joint Industry Project

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"TrueProp Software LLC of Durham, NH USA is excited to announce the launch of the new Improved Propeller Inspection and Metrology Joint Industry Project (JIP). This novel six-member JIP will address the development of methods and software code for improvements in propeller inspection, geometric modeling, and compliance standards. A group of six companies – led by TrueProp Software LLC, and including HydroComp, Inc., Linden Propeller, Padgett-Swann Machinery, Wildcat Propellers, and Argonaut Enterprises – kicked off this project on February 23rd, 2018. The propeller specialists at HydroComp will be the lead investigators. Geometric inspection of a propeller’s blade shape is a critical step in the quality assurance for new propeller manufacture and propeller repair. This JIP aims to resolve a number of identified deficiencies in metrology, compliance criteria, and inspection practices to achieve the following objectives: improved workflow productivity, cost savings, better product outcomes, and connectivity for new and legacy inspection devices. Members will participate in development, application, and testing of new modules in the TruePropTM propeller inspection software. About TrueProp Software LLC TrueProp Software LLC develops software for marine propeller inspection. Established in 2016, TrueProp is the only device-agnostic software available for propeller inspection and repair. Our driving philosophy is to provide the propeller manufacturing, sales, and repair community with the highest quality tools for inspection, repair guidance, and compliance reporting. "

24 Mar 2018

Latin America maritime cooperation centre launched

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"The Latin America Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre, part of a global network established under an ambitious IMO-EU project to further efforts to combat climate change, has been launched in Panama (13 March). The centre, hosted by the Universidad Marítima Internacional de Panamá (UMIP), is one of five such centres established under the GMN project, which is funded by the European Union (EU) and run by IMO. The centres, in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific regions, act as regional focal points for a wide range of activities. These include, improving compliance with existing and future international energy-efficiency regulations; promoting uptake of low-carbon technologies and operations in maritime transport, and establishing voluntary pilot data-collection and reporting systems to feed back into the global regulatory process. In doing so, they will play their part in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Latin America Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre – or MTCC-Latin America – was launched at the host institute at a special event attended by representatives of the European Union, the Government of Panama, non-governmental organizations and academia as well as representatives from 17 countries in the region. Speaking at the launch event, IMO’s Jose Matheickal said, “The global network of MTCCs will promote understanding and knowledge of technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency in the maritime sector and will help to navigate shipping into a low-carbon future.” Also speaking during the launch ceremony was the Minister of Maritime Affairs of Panama and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Mr. Jorge Barakat, who congratulated IMO for its efforts toward the promotion of a more energy-efficient maritime industry and reaffirmed the support of the Panama Maritime Authority. He said, “The Panamanian maritime administration is proud and pleased with the inauguration of this regional centre.” The launch was followed by the first regional workshop to be run by MTCC-Latin America (13-15 March). Participants will be updated on the GMN project, share experiences of implementing IMO’s energy efficiency regulation and discuss constraints and opportunitie"

22 Mar 2018

Thome Outlines Key Strategies for Success at CMA

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"Gautam Kashyap, Thome’s Vice President for Business Development, outlined the Group’s strategies for success at the 2018 Connecticut Maritime Association shipping conference. “Ship Management is changing and the right mix of digitalisation, automation and data analytics are key criteria towards providing greater efficiency, transparency and value-added services to clients in the future,” he said. Ship Managers will need to invest heavily in new technology to keep up with changes in the market and Thome has already started this process by developing an Operations Hub, based at its headquarters in Singapore, which enables situational awareness for both duty-personnel and Thome’s crisis teams. This is the first stage in a three-stage process enabling remote tracking of individual ships in the fleet, passage planning, security risk assessment, weather routing, video conferencing, integrated vessel management system (NAU) implementation, and individual on-board CCTV remote monitoring. Two additional stages of improvements in the hub are planned. Stage two will further improve efficiency and availability through operational support functions like cargo handling, port turnaround and energy efficiency monitoring. Stage three will concentrate on advanced support covering areas like cyber security, machinery condition assessment and trouble shooting. Crew and onshore training is also crucial and Thome has a very comprehensive programme in place to ensure that all staff receive correct and relevant training for their roles which are updated on a regular basis. In conclusion, Mr. Kashyap felt that a company’s size would be a critical factor in being able to meet customer demands and industry requirements in the future. Thome has grown from humble origins to having a fleet of over 400 vessels, a crew pool of over 12,000 seafarers, a shore team of over 800 people and 11 worldwide offices. This means the Group can compete on a global scale and is ready for the challenges of the future. "

19 Mar 2018

Steel tariffs strain India’s ties with Trump

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"The relationship between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump is facing its biggest test yet after the US president’s decision to raise tariffs on imported steel and aluminium started a broader fight over each other’s trade policies. India and the US have both accused the other of breaching World Trade Organization rules. Officials in New Delhi say the new US tariffs go beyond agreed limits, while Washington is challenging export incentives offered to Indian companies. Officials from 24 different WTO countries will meet at an informal session on Tuesday in New Delhi to discuss these and other issues. Biswajit Dhar, head of the Centre for WTO Studies in New Delhi, said: “We are coming to a position where these issues must be addressed, and the mini-ministerial meeting is the ideal place to do it. ” Mr Trump and Mr Modi formed a rapport when the US president visited New Delhi last summer. But that has not stopped Mr Trump from singling out India for what he calls unfair trade policies. Last month he called Mr Modi a “beautiful” and “fantastic” man, but added that the US was “getting nothing” from the trading relationship between the two. He has repeatedly complained that India imposes a punitive import duty on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Mr Trump has since unveiled tariffs of 25 per cent on steel imports and 10 per cent on aluminium, angering many of its closest allies, including the EU, which is considering bringing a complaint to the WTO. India is not a big exporter of either metal to the US, accounting for about $1.5bn of sales — 2 per cent of the US’s total steel and aluminium imports. But officials in Delhi were furious about the tariffs, and concerned that it might be a precursor to further action that could hit some of its more significant exports, such as pharmaceuticals. They also argue that the exemptions granted to countries including Mexico and Canada flout the “most favoured nation” principle under which countries must not impose different tariffs on others. “This would completely break the ‘most favoured nation’ system,” said one official. “If there was a dispute settlement hearing at the WTO, it would be decided in a minute. ” New Delhi has so far proved reluctant to bring a case to the WTO, however, with the commerce department’s most senior bureaucrat suggesting it might instead seek an exemption alongside other US allies. India’s commerce secretary Rita Teaotia told reporters last week: “The tariffs have been imposed on security grounds and some of the key trading partners have been excluded from that. “On the basis of India’s strategic partnership with the United States, we are certainly not a security threat to the United States, and an exemption for India on the same grounds should also be available. ” Ms Teaotia said the issue would not formally be discussed at next week’s meeting, though experts say it may be discussed on the sidelines. In the meantime, however, Washington has launched its own WTO complaint against India, alleging that several of its export subsidy schemes flout the organization’s rules. The six schemes are worth about $7bn, according to the US. Robert Lighthizer, the country’s trade representative, said: “These export subsidy programmes harm American workers by creating an uneven playing field on which they must compete. ” New Delhi wants more time to phase out the subsidies, but officials admit they might have to restructure or scrap some of them quickly. Nor is this the first time the US has complained at the WTO about Indian subsidy schemes. Last year, Washington argued successfully that New Delhi broke WTO rules when a government scheme required solar developers to use a certain proportion of Indian-made supplies. Some in India are pushing hard for New Delhi to ignore the US complaint and file its own against Mr Trump’s new tariffs. “Along with many other countries, India is a victim of the US taking actions that are clearly against WTO rules,” said Mr Dhar. “They should approach the WTO with their complaint together. ” But for now, at least, the Indian government appears reluctant to allow the dispute to escalate. Ms Teaotia said: “I believe we both have very significant interest in each others’ markets. We are friendly countries. We wish to engage with each other and certainly wish to do business with each other.” "

05 Mar 2018

Panama Canal Sets New Milestone with 3,000th Neopanamax Transit

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"The Panama Canal announced the transit of its 3,000th Neopanamax vessel, exceeding initial traffic expectations by this date and reaffirming the value and impact its route has had on global maritime trade. The Panamanian flagged containership MSC Caterina completed the milestone transit this morning traveling northbound from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel measures 300 meters in length and 48 meters in beam, with a total TEU allowance (TTA) of 9,000 containers. It was one of nine Neopanamax vessels welcomed at the Panama Canal today. “Today’s milestone, achieved in less than two years of operation, serves as a proud reminder of the confidence that our customers and the broader maritime industry have placed in our route,” said Canal Administrator, Jorge Luis Quijano. The MSC Caterina became the 3,000th Neopanamax vessel to transit the Panama Canal on March 2, 2018 as it traveled northbound from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Since its inauguration on June 26, 2016, the Neopanamax locks have had a positive effect on economies of global scales by providing the shipping industry with greater capacity to transport cargo between production centers and consumer centers, using Neopanamax vessels. Of the 3,000 vessels that have transited to date, roughly 53 percent have been from the container segment. Liquefied petroleum gas vessels constitute another 28 percent, and liquified natural gas carriers, a relatively new segment to the Panama Canal, have been responsible for 10 percent of traffic. Dry and liquid bulk carriers, car carriers and cruise ships make up the remaining transits. Other notable transits thus far include the MSC Anzu, which became the 1000th transit on March 19, 2017, and the COSCO Yantian which later registered the 2,000th transit on September 26, 2017. Reflecting on the strong adoption of the waterway, Mr. Quijano added: “We at the Panama Canal remain committed to providing a safe, reliable and efficient service for our customers. We look forward to the next 3,000 vessels and beyond.”"

04 Mar 2018

Cargo ship loses more than 70 containers off Outer Banks

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"The Coast Guard warned mariners that 70 cargo containers fell off of a cargo ship Saturday night, about 17 miles off Oregon Inlet. The cargo ship Maersk Shanghai told the Coast Guard by radio that it lost about 70- 73 cargo containers due to high winds and heavy seas, according to a Coast Guard release. The Coast Guard urges all mariners to travel the area with caution. The North Carolina Department of Transportation closed N.C. 12 on Hatteras Island from Bonner Bridge south. The ocean has washed over the highway at several locations, according to the agency. Officials with the Cape Hatteras National Seashore cautioned against driving or walking on the beaches. Hazardous debris, including the containers, could wash ashore or be uncovered."

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