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27 Mar 2018
Lloyd's Register Foundation announces foresight review on ocean engineering
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"Identifying the major challenges to the safe and sustainable use of our oceans The Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation), a charity helping to protect the safety of life and property by supporting education, research and public engagement, today announces the next in its series of foresight reviews, on ocean engineering. Oceans cover most of the planet and are the focus of many human activities, from fishing and aquaculture to shipping, energy production and mining. These activities are increasingly diverse and pose challenges and opportunities requiring new engineering approaches and skills. The foresight review on ocean engineering will evaluate the short and long-term challenges and trends associated with oceans’ secure exploitation. Recommendations will be made on the research, innovation, education, policy and practice needed to plan for a healthy and safe future for all. The Foundation will engage leading international experts from a wide range of fields - such as engineering, oceanography, law, economics, and business - in developing the content of the review. Interested parties are invited to sign-up to one of the upcoming review workshops or, if unable to attend, register their interest in contributing by other means. The review will be led by Professor Mark Cassidy, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Chair of Offshore Foundations at the University of Western Australia, who said: ""The Lloyd’s Register Foundation foresight review on ocean engineering will highlight the intersections between the increased demands on our oceans and the technological trends enabling their further development. It is timely because, as our reliance on the oceans increases at a global scale, so does the potential impact on the safety of life and property.” Commenting on the Foundation's latest initiative, Professor Richard Clegg, Foundation Chief Executive, said: ""The oceans are amongst our biggest resources for life on earth but are facing increasing demands and issues. While they can provide us with eco-solutions like alternative energy, they need to be managed sustainably and safely. The Foundation’s foresight review on ocean engineering will adopt a broad scope looking at current and future uses of the oceans and identify where the major challenges lie in terms of enhancing the safety and sustainability of life, property and the environment.” "
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