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13 Nov 2017
Vedam completes two ballast water treatment system projects.
Credit : TSO Bureau

"Vedam recently completed two ballast water treatment system projects. First project consisted of feasibility study and equipment selection for two oil tankers. Length of the vessel were less than 100 m and they were involved in trade within European Ports. Therefore, the owner wanted the feasibility study done for only those equipment which had a good network of suppliers in and around Europe. In first step, review of vessel’s drawings were done. It was noted that vessel has very less spare power available during ballasting and de-ballasting process. Also, the vessel had ample space in engine room, pump room and poop deck for installation of the equipment. Therefore, the space was not a constraint. Based on Vedam’s proprietary database of BWTS equipments, 22 equipments were shortlisted. These 22 equipment were presented to owner and based on discussion with the client, 3 equipments were further shortlisted for the detailed feasibility study. For these 3 equipments, detailed level feasibility was conducted which included spatial feasibility, operational and maintenance requirements, electrical load check, envisaged modification, bill of material estimation and total costing for retrofit in a European Shipyard. Based on the data for these three equipment, owner has selected the most suitable equipment for their vessel and are negotiating with the makers for final cost and lead time. Second project consisted of Preliminary Design and cost estimation for installation of a UV based BWTS system. Owners had already selected the BWTS vendor and they were mainly interested in preliminary design for the installation of the system and budgetary cost estimate for installation of these systems in a shipyard in Far East. The vessels were all product tankers with submersible pumps. Our design team come up with an optimum design with minimal modifications and cost. The owners are now planning to go for installation of the equipment in next few years. Kudos to Vedam’s team for completing such unique and challenging projects on time."
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