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22 Aug 2017
“NUSI Sahara” Psychological helpline for seafarers and their families for a stress free life
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"Stress is unavoidable in today's complex life. We are all exposed to various stressful situations. Stress can negatively affect health, well-being and job performance. The work of a seafarer involves tremendous mental, psychosocial and physical stress which cannot be compared with other jobs ashore. Our seafarers challenge the strong waves, brave the storms with a strong urge to reach their destination. But seafarers are also normal humans. The working and living conditions, long-time separation from family and home may also cause psychosocial problems in some seafarers. Our brave seafarers also have to deal with time-pressures, work load, hectic activity and also problems amongst themselves while onboard the ship. All this severely affects our seafarers. This leads to stress amongst seafarers. At times some seafarers have also taken extreme negative steps in such situations. Our family members, particularly the wives of the seafarers, also lead a challenging life at home. They have to single handedly manage everything right from the schooling of children to finances and many related issues. The children of seafarers also face difficult situations. This leads to stress amongst the family members. Now help is available. With a view to help all ranks of seafarers (Officers, Ratings and Petty Officers) and their family members ashore and to provide expert psychological counseling, National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) has initiated “NUSI Sahara” a supportive, one-to-one telephonic help from trained counsellors which is available for 24 hours / seven days a week (24/7) free of cost. You can also video talk or chat. The “NUSI Sahara” service was inaugurated by Dr. Malini Shankar, DG Shipping on the eve of the International Women’s Day on 7th March, 2017. The basic idea of this service is to allow seafarers, their family members to wholeheartedly talk about all their problems in strict confidence with the expert counsellors. The “NUSI Sahara” initiative by NUSI is to lessen the emotional stress of all ranks of seafarers (Officers, Ratings and Petty Officers) and their family members and also promote overall emotional wellness and wellbeing. One call can make all the difference. Please give lot of publicity to this NUSI initiative. You can help save a life. How to get in touch with “NUSI Sahara”. It is totally free. 1. For seafarers and their families in India Call on 180-030-026145 (toll free - no charge) and talk to the Counsellor 2. For seafarers onboard outside India Step 1 – Download ‘Skype’ (an internet software application used for communication available on Google play) Step 2- Open Skype and search for ""NUSI Sahara"" (see NUSI logo) Step 3 - Call when WiFi is available and speak to the Counsellor Step 4. You can also Chat with the Counsellor - Be stress free. You deserve it. “Tension Na Lo – Call Karo You are not alone – Call Us”"
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