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The Shipping Observer Trade Tabloid

The Shipping Observer delivers lively and authoritative coverage of national, international, shipping trade, business trends, technology, regulations, seafarers, oil & gas  and various verticals of maritime shipping news.

It is a largest information provider to global commercial and professional of maritime shipping business communities and plays a crucial role in connecting industry professionals worldwide. 

Anchored by its flagship “THE SHIPPING OBSERVER”, it continues to grow and evolve its portfolio to meet the needs of the industry. Attracting weekly readership total being enormous making out tabloid the most read in India and abroad, by wide range of functionaries from CEO to junior management to operations team members to an individual professional. 

Our readership reflects the loyalty and engagement of our readers, advertisers and our investment in wide range of contents to broaden our appeal.  

The Shipping Observer is the most concise and comprehensive information source in India and internationally.
We bring maritime shipping industry together, providing them information they can use, delivered across various cross section of the industry, by delivering value for our audiences and advertisers.

The Shipping Observer is proud of being an important part of the fabric of the maritime shipping communities we serve. We will move forward with bold entrepreneurial spirit building our own strengths.  

To be the most trusted and used information source in India and internationally.

Our colleagues built The Shipping Observer and helped to create our success. We deeply value the role each person Has played since our inception and will play in our future success.

We innovate to ensure our audience is able to get the information they want, when and how they want it. By empowering them with the essential data / information they need. We innovate to remain relevant and competitive channel for our advertisers to reach their consumers.

Maritime Shipping Communities
Maritime shipping communities are our life line, we survive by understanding their information needs, providing them with the best product possible and by giving back.

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The Shipping Observer, Unit of Internatinal Shipping Media: 11 ‘K’ Building , 24, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai -400 001. Tel:+91 22 22615113, E-mail: mails@shippingobserver.com